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Thank you for looking at my work.

I quit my job working in the hot sun & started tattooing in 1991 full time. I worked for myself 2 years before I went to work for Alleycat (aka. Mr. A) in 93 who let me take over his shop and run it like my own. With help from Sonia, we had that old biker tattoo shop making $$$.

So then in 97, I opened Adrenaline Tattoo. It was hard work at 1st because back then tattooing was illegal in San Antonio but by luck the law was changed soon after we opened. 

I like to do Black & Grey and freehand Japanese the most, but I've done almost everything over the years and I still like to take on new challenges. 


Adrenaline Tattoo & Body Piercing
2140 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78218
210.564.0389 |

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